Gateclift Series
Thomas (1981:22-24) defines the Gatecliff Seires, which contains previously defined point types: Elko Contracting Stem or Gypsum Cave (cf. Harrington 1933; Fowler, Madsen and Hattori 1973: 20-21; Heizer and Berger 1970) and the Pinto Series or split-stem variants (cf. Clewlow 1967; Thomas 1971:89; Heizer and Hester 1978:157-158). Similar forms have also been classified as the Little Lake Series (Bettinger and Taylor 1974:13), the Silent Snake Series (Layton 1970), and Bare Creek Eared (O'Connell 1971) constitute the so-called "Pinto problem" addressed by Warren (1980). Thomas' (1981:23) definition of the Gatecliff Series simply states that these points have large contracting stems, and include two basic types: Gatecliff Split-stem and Gatecliff Contracting Stem. The split-stem variants correspond to the old Pinto Series, and the contracting stem variants correspond to Elko Contracting Stem or Gypsum Cave points.

Type Sites: Pinto Basin site (Amsden 1935), Wagon Jack Shelter (Heizer and Baumhoff 196/), Gypsum Cave (Harrington 1933), and GatechifShelter (Thomas 1983).

Temporal Distribution: c. 5000-3000 B. P.; Middle Archaic.