Digital Tutuorial Resources
The links below will take you to some great web tutorials on using GIS.

ARC Data Online
ArcData Online is ESRI's Internet Mapping and Data Site. The site contains a wide range of geographic information that users can access to create map images and download data.

Canaan Valley Institute
A one pager that shows the basic buttons/functions of ArcExplore

ESRI ArcExplorer software page
Offers a brief introduction plus downloads. The page also has a link to a great PDF overview and demo:

ESRI Virtual Campus
ESRI's virtual campus. They have some valuable free GIS tutorials and it only takes a moment to set up a free account.


Assorted, interesting information about GIS.

Idaho Geospatial Data Center
This is an outstanding resource of geographic information in visual graphics, DLG, DRG, DEM, and Tiger. Use of the library requires downloading and installation of free GeoLibrary software. They also have an on-line tutorial that teaches you how to use this software.

Sooner City Web Site quick tutorial:
A quick and useful ArcExplorer tutorial.

USGS GIS Information Page
Useful information for understanding the applicability and functionality of GIS.

Walter Hitschfeld Geographic Information Centre
A wide variety of GIS resources.

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