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The Dreaded

At right is a picture
of a deadfall snare.

Your challenge is to build an efficient, working deadfall snare and catch a "gopher".

Use the following materials.

Two Pencils
One Large Book

Questions to ask yourself ~

1. How heavy does the book need to be to fall and not allow the "gopher" to move?

2. How long do the pencils need to be so that the drop of the book is fast enough to not allow the "gopher" to escape?

3. How long do you need to make the cordage?

4. Where do you need to place the bait on the cordage so that the "gopher" can't escape before the book lands on him/her?

5. What bait works best to attract the "gopher"?

6. What is the most efficient "drop" distance for the book?

7. What is the best plant fiber material to use for the cordage?

8. Can you meet the challenge? You are the "gopher".