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A problem with making cordage was that the fiber lengths
were too short for the production of long strands of cordage.
Splicing in new lengths of fiber made long strands of
cordage possible.

Splicing is a technique where, before the first strand of
fibers had run out, new fibers were added into the
twining process.

Figure 1: Using either the finger
method or the leg rolling method,
the strand of fibers were twined until
three to six inches remained.

Somewhere between three to six
inches from the end, a new strand
of fibers was placed parallel with
the original. These new fibers
overlapped an inch or two beyond
the cordage.

Figure 2: The new strand was
                twined in with the


Figure 3: The twining continued as before.
The excess overlap fibers were cut or
clipped so that the cord was smooth and strong.