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Finger Twining

1. A bundle of plant fiber half the thickness
    as the finished cordage was prepared.

2. Both hands were placed one third from the ends
    of the fiber bundle. There would be six to twelve inches
    of fiber between the hands.

3. The fiber bundle was twisted (twined), in a clockwise direction,
    using both hands. See image above. Twisting the fibers tightly
    made a single, even strand of cordage.

4. After twisting, a kink would form in the middle of the strand.
    See image above.

As the twisting continued, the kink
brought the single strand together and made a double cord.

See numbers 1. and 2. in image.

5. Twining the fibers in a
clockwise direction produced
a S-twist to the strand.

Twining the fibers in a
counter-clock-wise direction
produced a Z-twist.