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The Spoken Word

The languages spoken by Idaho's Native Peoples are of great importance. To name the plants used in cordage. To describe the production of the cordage. To have language to teach the next generation how to gather and produce cordage. Language has always been a survival tool for Idaho's Native Peoples.

These languages were almost lost. The young people learned English, and the Tribal Elders, who knew the tribal languages, were growing old and dying. The languages were not being passed on to new generations.

Fortunately, today Idaho's Native Peoples are learning their languages and passing them on to new generations.

These are the words for the plants, materials and tools involved in cordage. Look closely at the the words. Do you see any that are alike? Do you see words that are different?

The Shoshoni and the Bannock speak languages belonging to the Numic Language Family. The Nez Perce speak a language belonging to the Sahaptian Language Family. The Coeur d' Alene speak a language belonging to the Salish Language Family.

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