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The Pan-akwati
    Allies on the
Snake River Plain

Sharing the same resources available on the Snake River Plain meant that the Bannock People would live closely allied with the Sosoni' People. These two Peoples, used the same resources, shared the land, and knew that cooperation was the key to survival.

Using the resources of the Snake River Plain efficiently, the Pan-akwati hunted bison, pronghorn, elk, big horn sheep, and deer. Frequently, they traveled with the Sosoni' as a larger group out onto the Great Plains to hunt bison. Their bows were backed with sinew for strength.

Fishing with harpoons, hand nets, and weirs built from woven willow was an important activity. Caught using these techniques were trout, perch, sturgeon, and suckers.

The Bannock also provided for
their survival by gathering and using
a number of plant foods.
Camas (Camassia quamash),
tobacco-root (Valeriana edulis), and bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva) were
gathered using sharpened
digging sticks. Pine nuts, gathered
in the fall, were also an important
source of food.
Image: Idaho Museum of Natural History

The Bannock families lived in tipis and small conical
lodges made of sagebrush, grass, and woven
willow branches.