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The Thread
 of Expression

Sinew thread was used for
sewing hides together for clothing.

Large animals, such as deer, elk,and big horn sheep, were difficult to hunt. However, when a hunt was successful, and hides were available, sinew thread was produced to sew the hides together into clothing.

Other than clothing, sinew thread was also used for many other items. The hides covering a baby's cradleboard, or the heavier hides used for a shelter covering were both sewn with sinew cordage.

Dresses, shirts, moccasins, gloves, and leggings were sewn together using
sinew thread

It was not necessary to only use the sinew thread on useful clothing. Clothing items were made using sinew thread that were decorative as well.

Before beads were brought by the European fur traders, The People used dyed porcupine quills sewn with sinew thread to decorate items of clothing.

The quills were dyed, flattened, and sewn onto a piece of hide in beautiful designs using finely made sinew thread.

As seen in the image at right, the quills were folded over the thread, much like braiding.


Many items made with sinew thread were used to hold objects special to a person. These were worn with a person's clothing.